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H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta Endorses Seven Seas Technologies Group in Ugandan Parliament Speech(Min 23.10)

We can all be Storytellers in the New Kenya

“Opportunity is missed by most people because its dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.”

African Leadership Dialogues (ALD): Julie Gichuru Interviews Mike Macharia

“How do you ensure that this student, could be D in the class but could be A in a different activity. How do you help youth and students discover their real passion? “

Fireside chat with Mike Macharia of Seven Seas Technology, at iHub Nairobi

“Even as we pursue our businesses in countries like Angola or Nigeria or Ghana, when i get big projects there I can pull along with me some of the people who have set up their own companies across Africa. That is really the way I see talent and the talent Eco- System today.”

InnovKE Techpreneur at Seven Seas Technologies Group

“Together we can create the next big nation and you having been part of it.”

Factors to Consider Before Expanding Your Company Business Globally 5 Minutes With Mike Macharia

“How do you make sure, that those people, key people, remain committed to your vision.”


“What is your story. What will be your story 20 years from now or 40 years from today.”

Africa 2012 Africa's Investment Heatmap

“One of the things we are driving constantly at the Government level is to ensure that we are able to start protecting innovations that come up from different innovation hubs.”

London Summit 2015 e Access Technology Opens Doors to the Rural and Remote

“Now we’ll be able to create an EMR record that is linked to all your images across the country.”

Seven Seas Technologies Group - Knowledge Transfer Centre

“I’m able to understand what systems they are using and it is also helpful in terms of me gaining skills and know-how to go about auditing the same system.”

Michael Macharia shares useful tips on building a brand

“What do you have that people can remember about your brand.”

Michael Macharia Founder & CEO, Seven Seas Technologies at the Connected Kenya 2013 Summit

As a result, SMEs in IT and IT enabled services remain small, despite the fact that they contribute to the creation and development of local human capita.

Discussion Panel on PM Live at the East Africa Business Summit 19th Nov 2011

“The challenge is are we willing to take the next leap.”

#Mindspeak: Aly-Khan Satchu Interviews Mike Macharia, CEO & Founder, Seven Seas Technologies Group

“Trying to convince the team that person will deliver what I’m looking for…very few people are willing to make that conceited effort towards enabling that carbon to become the diamond…trying to convince the team..”

Seven Seas Technologies CEO, Mike Macharia: What I have learnt since Strathmore University

“There’s a big link between what you’ve been doing and some of the decisions you make vis a vis proven known fundamentals that have been documented.”

#AskMikeMacharia - Mike speaks to his alma mater, Strathmore's Advanced Management Programme (AMP)

“I think corruption and integrity in this country is only going to end if one set of generation decides it has to come to a standstill.”

The Build-up to Kenya's National Innovation Forum, featuring Mike Macharia, CEO, SST Group

“We need to be able to see how harmonizing value amongst us will play a fundamental role in the delivering that next big innovation Eco-System.”

Mike macharia's view on #140friday

“How then do we really export some of the projects we’ve done here globally.”

Does tech need their own Mike Sonko #140friday

“We need to find ways to co-exist and put legal documents or legal framework that allows companies to sub-contract…sub-contract companies that have shown capabilities.”

Andrew Waititu & Mike Macharia #140Friday

“This market for a long time has been an infrastructure-led market.”