Successful Delivered Projects – Africa

Successful Delivered Projects - Africa

Client: Riara Group of Schools
Project: Network Infrastructure & IP Telephony design and setup
Country: Nairobi, Kenya

Design and installation of:

  • High performance network infrastructure;(fiber backbone, structured cabling and IP networks)
  • IP Telephony
  • Network Security

Client: Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers
Project: Network and unified communication design and project management
Country: Kenya

Eagle Africa Insurance had seen an expansion in its operations and as such was moving their operations for their Chester House Office to their new building in Upper Hill. Seven Seas were tasked with the project management task to oversee the smooth migration from Chester House to the new building at Upper Hill.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  1. Design of a solution that is highly reliable, flexible, scalable, sustainable, manageable, secure, and cost
  2. Presentation of the design to Eagle Africa
  3. Development of an RFP that was sent out to tender.
  4. Assessment of the tender responses from the various bidders.
  5. Awarding of tender and defining the scope of works/deliverable to the winning bidder.
  6. Project management – overseeing the overall project implementation and control of resources.
  7. Work assessment and issuing of certificates.

Client: KCB
Project: LAN, WAN, Security & IP Telephony infrastructure
Country: Rwanda, Uganda

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) was seeking to implement Voice over IP (also known as IP Telephony) solution to run on the Bank’s Network infrastructure. The Bank’s objective was to integrate data, voice, messaging, and video into a single architecture utilizing its private ICT network infrastructure. Integrating voice and data networks into a single integrated network, such that all services use common facilities, would result in efficiency and cost savings.

The bank’s goal was:

  • Implement a networking solution that is highly reliable, flexible, scalable, sustainable,
    manageable, secure, and cost effective.
  • Implement a solution that utilizes the existing IP-based Data WAN for voice, video,
    messaging, and data services.
  • Implement a solution that positions the bank to offer more responsive customer service
    and to move technology ‘closer’ to its business units.

The project involved design, Configuration and Installation:

  1. Cisco callmanager 6.1 cluster in Uganda.
  2. Cisco callmanager 6.1 cluster in Rwanda.
  3. Dual Cisco ASA5540-AIP20 firewall in active/stand-by failover with VPN.
  4. Cisco NAM modules on the server-farm for network monitoring
  5. Cisco NME-NAM modules on large branches for link monitoring
  6. Cisco 2811 Branch routers/Voice gateways
  7. Cisco 3845 Core routers
  8. Cisco 3750-48PS POE access switches
  9. Cisco 2851 Voice gateways
  10. Wide range of Cisco 7900 series IP Phones.

Project: IP Telephony design, implementation & integration with existing Nortel platform
Country: Kenya

Safaricom had traditionally been on an a Nortel platform serving the SCC building, HQ and retail centers,
however, during due to expansion and growth there was need to have a unified communication system starting with the new HQ (HQ annex).


  • Unified communication system serving 600 users for HQ annex.
  • System should cater for growth in HQs and additional retail centers. I.e. All new employees and retail
    centers should be on the new system regardless of location.
  • Integration with existing Nortel platform to enable communication between all users.
  • Scalability to cater for migration of the existing users to a unified communication system.

Solution offered:

  • Cisco unified communication manager cluster 7.1 consisting of 2 UCM running on MCS7835s capable of serving 600 users and scaling to 5000 users.
  • Cisco unity connection providing unified messaging.
  • Web, video and voice conferencing running on Cisco MeetingPlace.

Client: Horizon Contact Centres
Project: Horizon Contact Centers network project
Country: Kenya

Horizon Contact Centers is a global Contact Center enabled to provide high quality customer management solutions in BPO. With a commitment to excellence, we avail unified communications on one platform to our client’s giving them a worthwhile and profitable experience in Contact Center life cycle. Horizon contracted Seven Seas Technologies to design and deploy the Campus network at their new office in Nairobi Kenya. In the setup, the organization has a hierarchical, modular model with a dedicated access layer and a core/distribution layer. The access layer provides connectivity for users to the network, while the core/distribution layer provides the access layer with policy-based connectivity to network services. Policies include network numbering, security, quality of service and several other optimizations. The core/distribution also provides high-speed WAN/metro connectivity for geographically remote sites, and other modules (Internet, server farm etc) in the design.

Benefits accrued from this model include:-

  • Scalability without sacrificing manageability
  • Ease of troubleshooting, due to localization of network problems
  • Predictability, which simplifies capacity planning
  • Greater manageability

Client: Riara University
Project: Data Center, Networks, VOIP and structured cabling design and build
Country: Kenya

Riara University, under Riara Group of schools was building up a new university campus that would take advantage of ICT to deliver services to students including e learning, elibrary, e-registration etc. Riara contracted Seven Seas Technologies to design the entire campus ICT infrastructure including data center, structured cabling, VOIP, networks & security, wireless connectivity and a disaster site back to the primary school along Ngong Road. The data center comprises of redundant power and cooling systems for high availability.

Client: Eagle Insurance Brokers
Project: Data Center, Networks, structured cabling and computing design and project management
Country: Kenya

Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers wanted to upgrade their old IT systems, as they moved into their newly built 8-storey headquarters. Having had a separate data and voice network, separate computing servers hardware system and unmanaged back up system, they intended to take advantage of a unified computing platform that comprised of consolidated storage, centralized inter-branch data and voice connectivity. The above solution required a robust and secure data center infrastructure to reside in. Seven Seas provided design services for Unified Communications, hardware computing and storage platform and data center physical infrastructure. Seven Seas also managed the Procurement through a tendering process as well as implementation management by other vendors. The project was successfully commissioned and signed off.

Client: Equatorial Commercial Bank (Previously Southern credit Bank)
Project: Data Center, Networks, structured cabling design and build
Country: Kenya

Southern Credit bank was developing a new 6 storey multi tenant headquarters and they contracted Seven Sea Technologies to design a new modern ICT infrastructure and a data center as well as migrate the core-banking infrastructure to the new data center. Seven Seas designed and build the data center, networks and structured cabling and successfully migrated the data center to the new site.

Client: Chase Bank
Project: Data Center design and build
Country: Kenya

Chase bank was upgrading into a new core banking applications to host her co-banking application and servers for branch, ATM and other banking services. One of the key requirements for the application was a robust, secure and scalable data center. Seven Seas Technologies provided to Chase Bank data center design and build services based on a life cycle with key stages as follows:- feasibility study, design, build, training, test and

Client: Africa Online
Project: Data center Design
Country: Kenya

Africa Online wanted to upgrade her data center to be able her offer efficient services to its clients as well as add more services. Africa Online contracted Seven Seas to design the data center network critical physical infrastructure consisting of power, cooling, security and safety and surveillance.

Client: Bank of Abyssinia
Project: Data center & Network design and build
Country: Ethiopia

Abyssinia Bank was in the process of deploying a core banking system to provide efficient services to its clients, centralize operations, connect all branches to the core system in the data center and comply with regulations. To effectively support the heavy computing requirements that would emerge from these initiatives, it was imperative that the bank deployed a high availability data center and a robust and secure network infrastructure. Seven Seas was contracted by the bank through competitive bidding to design the Bank`s Information Technology Systems which consisted of building a tier 3 data center facility, data center network & security and WAN connectivity for 30 remote sites and future

Client: United Bank
Project: Data Center Design and build
Country: Ethiopia

Data center and network design
1. Data center design, build and commissioning services
2. Migration Services into new data center

Client: Addis Bank International
Project: Data Center and Network Design and build
Country: Ethiopia

Addis bank in in the process of upgrading core banking system to enhance service delivery and has contracted Seven Seas Technologies to design and build her data center and WAN network

Client: Abay Bank
Project: Data Center and Network Design and build
Country: Ethiopia

Abay bank is in the process of complying with the National bank regulations, which requires the bank to have a data center and disaster recovery center. Abay bank contracted Seven Seas to design and build her data center and recovery center as well as WAN and security connectivity between the 2 facilities. The project is on going with the first phase of design completed and signed off.

Client: RwandaTel
Project: Data Center Design
Country: Rwanda

Rwandatel wanted to improve on her service voice and data services efficiency. The current data center needed to be upgraded to a modern facility that could accommodate 60+ 42U equipment racks. RwandTel contracted Seven Seas to design the data center network critical physical infrastructure consisting of power, cooling, security and safety and surveillance.

Client: Banque de Republic du Burundi (BRB)
Project: Data center & Structured cabling design and project manage
Country: Burundi

BRB is in the middle of computerization project in order to comply with East Africa regulations for the central bank. BRB contracted Seven Seas to offer design and consultancy services for data center, disaster recovery center design, tendering and project management

Client: Huduma Center
Project: Huduma Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Project Phase II
Country: Kenya

High level design (HLD) & HLD documentation and Low level design (LLD) & LLD documentation
• Implementation of VDI platform
• Desktop Virtualization – 161 virtual desktops o Application Virtualization
• Knowledge transfer
• User acceptance testing

Client: Safaricom
Project: Safaricom Public Cloud Infrastructure
Country: Kenya

Nature of Information Systems and special features relevant to the contract for which the Bidding Documents are issued Safaricom was seeking to increase and diversify its revenue streams through offering hosted datacenter infrastructure and applications to the public as a service. Seven Seas Technologies was selected through a competitive bidding process to design and implement the required Public cloud infrastructure.
The public cloud infrastructure consisted of the following technologies:

I. EMC cloud storage architecture.
II. VMWare virtualization.
III. Cisco Unified computing platform.
IV. Cisco Nexus datacenter architecture.
V. Cisco MPLS backbone architecture

Client: ZESCO
Project: Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Server Hardware For Business Information Systems
Country: Zambia

Nature of Information Systems and special features relevant to the contract for which the Bidding Documents are issued:

Installation of Highly Available Application Platform for the Billing Systems.

  • 1 x Sun Enterprise M8000 Server
  • 2 x Oracle Pillar Axiom 500
  • 2 x Brocade 5100 SAN Switches
  • 2 x SL500 Tape Libraries
  • 1 x SL24 Tape Library
  • 1 x T3-2 Backup Server
  • Symantec Netbackup
  • Symantec Storage Foundation
  • Sun Cluster 3.2
  • Training

Client: ZANACO
Project: Unified Computing & Server Virtualization
Country: Zambia

  • Nature of Information Systems and special features relevant to the contract for which the Bidding Documents are issued Installation and configuration of a consolidated and virtualized server and storage infrastructure.
  • 1 x Blade Chassis I & Blade Servers – PRIMARY SITE
  • 4 x Blade Chassis I & Blade Servers – PRIMARY SITE
  • 4 x Rack Mount Servers – PRIMARY SITE
  • 12 x Blade Server Harddisks
  • 1 x VMware vCenter
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus

Client: Kenya Power
Project: Supply And Installation Of Disaster Recovery M9000 Server
Country: Kenya

  • Nature of Information Systems and special features relevant to the contract for which the Bidding Documents are issued
  • Supply and Installation of high end SUN M9000 sever, Storage 6180, Sun 3.2 cluster with data replication.
  • Installation and configuration of the M9000 Server
  • Installation and Configuration of SAN Switches
  • Installation and Configuration of Storage Tek 6180
  • Cluster with the existing Sun Enterprise M8000 at the Main Site
  • Perform functionality test on the installed devices
  • Migration of existing systems into the new server