Our Business Growth & Philosophy

Our Philosophy & Growth Strategy

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy Seven Seas Technologies is a data and analytics company committed to solving the most pressing challenges in Africa by deploying technology solutions. Our business approach is designed in two segments — Health Infrastructure and Systems Integration Business and Technology-Platform Enabled Services. Our business philosophy defines why we are doing things the way you are doing them.

Our Business Philosophy

SST endeavors to leverage innovative business design and development that seeks to reduce poverty (Goal 1) through inclusive economic benefits in the labour market while leveraging complex deal making capabilities to deliver good health and wellbeing (Goal 3) in the healthcare domain. Commercial focus on social services will enhance responsible consumption and production.

(Goal 12) We will do so by orchestrating the creation of decent work for economic growth (Goal 8) in addition to building human and intellectual capacity in industry, innovation and infrastructure (Goal 9). We will embrace collaborative partnerships (Goal 17) In our quest to change lives and transform communities.”

Business Growth - Transforming Healthcare in Africa

Seven Seas Technologies leverages its business model to collate structured data. The company has invested in technology which will enhance data analytics. The data can be optimized to perform predictive modeling by employing artificial intelligence to add value to businesses and governments in decision-making.

Public Health ICT Transformation

It has been globally accepted that Improved Health care delivery, is anchored on patient centricity and quality healthcare data being used systematically to improve healthcare outcome.

Most governments have placed great emphasis on eliminating catastrophic risks associated with care related financial burdens by up scaling government led hospital insurance schemes. The use of Information technology is aimed at revolutionising and improving Healthcare Delivery Systems.

Information Technology is the fabric that ensures realization of the three (3) Universal Health Coverage (UHC) pillars; Access, Quality and Affordability as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG -2030) Agenda 3 goals.

Health Information Systems Interoperability and Secure Healthcare Data Exchange is critical to facilitating care and referral mechanisms across multiple facilities.

Program & Project Management

Seven Seas Project management practice is touted as the center of excellence in most organizations, it is believed that a great project management practice 1. Is a critical enabler for results driven high-performance enterprises 2. Guarantees efficient sharing of scarce resources, best methodologies, state of art tools and techniques for both simple and complex project success across any organization 3. Aligns to changing corporate strategic initiatives and cultural shifts. 4. Provides measurable, repeatable, short to long-term benefits to the business communities

We help identify and develop project management methodologies, best practices and standards to ensure your projects succeed. We partner with other global technology players to deliver complex public & private sector Healthcare projects across diverse industries and geographies

Custom Software Development

In today’s world technology has increasingly become the central pillar that shapes how most organizations run their businesses. It is the desire of all IT leaders and customers across the globe to have software projects delivered within the agreed timeline, defined budget and scope without compromising quality.

We pride ourselves in delivering software solutions that are simply orchestrated and quite adaptive to dynamic business requirements.

We employ a mix of best of breed approaches in software development to ensure our custom solutions are; 1. Well architected, professionally designed and developed, easily deployed and supported across the entire application life cycle. 2. Can easily integrate to any third-party APIs 3. The code is clean, well separated, clearly documented, versioned, securely stored and deployed. 4. Agnostic to hosting environments

Health ICT Eco-System Development & Innovation Management

Stable and sustainable SMEs contribute significantly to rising employment, widespread solution generation and capital formation.

Enterprise can create several opportunities for SMEs, and SST will be at the forefront of ensuring that scalable innovation happens at all levels.

SST will increase the number of SMEs in the healthcare space graduating to the next level to address the problem of the missing middle.

Ideal candidates for SST- Innovation Afya Labs will be thinking around the following key elements of healthcare strategy that harness the full potential of ICT platforms to widen access to services. -Radiology -Non-invasive diagnostics -Remote patient monitoring -Remote ICU monitoring -Medication adherence -Health big data analytics and visualization -Wearables for continuous monitoring -Doctor-patient personal management systems -Telemedicine