Digital Health Transformation

Digital Health

One of our most passionate endeavours, is to deliver innovative solutions to tackle the biggest healthcare challenges in Africa.

Our turnkey solutions enable health institutions and practitioners to focus on providing a high-quality service to patients, to advancing innovative healthcare delivery models.


Most African hospitals are still operating manually which makes the overall speed of processes slower, increase errors and reduces the operating efficiency. Due to the lack of automation, the costs of Kenyan hospitals are very high, especially where documentation and record-keeping are required. In this age of evidence-based medicine, most hospitals in Africa lack capability to retrieve clinical, financial or operational data effectively.

Our solutions help unlock immense value so hospitals and medical specialists can do what they do best – provide high-quality care to patients. Our objective is to offer a one-stop-shop across healthcare technology services:-

Health Information System for Africa Governments

Turnkey healthcare programs implementation (Program & Project Management)

Hospital information systems design, Implementation & support (HCIT)

Custom Software Development in Healthcare


Advances in technology have proven that medical specialists and institutions can improve their operations by utilizing software applications in their day-to-day tasks. To help address this gap in the African market, SST offers cutting-edge Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) solutions that allow hospitals and other medical institutions to deliver more expedient care, run more efficient and cost-effective institutions and optimize their operations.

Our services target governments (National or Local), hospitals (individual or groups) and private practice (doctors), and seek to enable delivery of quality, accessible and affordable healthcare across the following eight medical faculties: radiology, oncology, laboratory diagnostics, renal, neonatal, maternal, intensive care and primary health.


  • Public & Private sector growth in Africa has fuelled the need for IT adoption and automation of manual processes in an effort to offer better citizen service experience and improve speed and efficiencies of services.
  • The market maturity in the IT Infrastructure space has called for a more innovative and agile business model to cope with the competition and meet client needs. This also includes Opex vs. Capex models.
  • Delivering Universal Health Coverage is top of most Government’s Agenda and all efforts globally are geared towards ensuring that their citizens have access to quality and affordable healthcare and achieve these goals :-
  1. Equitable access to healthcare services for all citizens,
  2. Unparalleled quality of both healthcare services and desired outcomes
  3. Significant containment of healthcare costs that guarantees less financial hardships that in most cases have sunk countless families into healthcare driven debts,

Any sovereign nation, must leverage on the power of technology to overcome the hurdles of poor healthcare systems infrastructure, limited human resources for health, and the inefficient supply chain systems in some cases denying millions of African Citizens access to free drugs especially for the classified big killers – Malaria, HIV, TB, and now emerging cancers.

Digital Health Information - Critical Health Drivers for national Coverage Programs
Digital Health Information - Critical Health Extending Universal Health Coverage Benefits


  • SST has developed an End to End Turnkey infrastructure Line of Business that is able to combine our capabilities in the core areas of Technology infrastructure play to deliver value to our customers removing all the complexity and high costs associated with building Health IT platforms in Silos.
  • SST is delivering value to clients by partnering with leading OEMs and financial partners to structure business models that enable clients to pay for the investments with ease .


  • Financing – SST structures and negotiates a payment plan with its financing partners to build a business model & offer clients.
  • Project Management – SST manages the Turnkey Infrastructure projects End to End.
  • End to end Health Information Systems & Hospital Digitisation
  • Support – SST offers service and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Systems Integration– SST integrates all key components seamlessly.


  • Support private customers and Governments to quickly scale and rollout large complex Health ICT & Infrastructure projects with ease and at a cost effective price point.
Digital Health Information - ICT Enabled Convergence of the Healthcare Ecosystem