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The first mile is often the hardest: lonely, precarious and littered with failure. This is why SST Group is taking strides to tackle head-on the challenges that face Kenyan start-up culture: why most fail within their first year.

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The struggle with growth
Once started, start ups face the challenges of proving their concepts, scaling and growing. Lack of access to clients, suppliers, partners and advisory have crippled many.
Enter SSTakeoff

SSTakeoff is geared towards empowering existing startups, looking to leverage SST’s tech knowhow, expertise and experience in business strategy. We’ll provide access to our diverse network of clients, suppliers, industry contacts and more.


Needles in haystacks
Looking to invest? Finding the right startup and founders to invest is no easy task. And once you find and invest, undertaking the responsibility of nurturing your portfolio of companies may be beyond your capabilities.

Our SST Fund initiative allows investors to invest via an established channel that will find, vet, invest, monitor and nurture the startups

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
We talk the talk and walk the walk. We have started our own startups, nurtured their growth and seen them thrive. Check them out.
Home-grown innovation via SST

SST Select is an arm of the business that will help existing employees start projects under the umbrella of SST and then spin-off into separate entities.