Advancing Innovative Healthcare Delivery Models
Our turnkey solutions enable health institutions and practitioners to focus on providing a high-quality service to patients.
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Mahatma Gandhi aptly said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Healthcare reform is one of the greatest challenges in our world today, and more so on the African continent. In keeping with SST’s mantra to transform lives as we change communities, the new healthcare division specializes in turnkey healthcare solutions in an effort to tackle some of Kenya’s foremost healthcare delivery challenges.

Our solutions help unlock immense value so hospitals and medical specialists can do what they do best - provide high quality care to patients. Our objective is to offer a one-stop shop across six distinct healthcare services namely: medical equipment supply, installation and after-sales service; construction of new medical facilities or upgrade of existing facilities infrastructure; mobile clinics fabrication and deployment; medical applications training; turnkey healthcare programs implementation (PMO); and hospital information systems (HIS) and healthcare information technology (HCIT) deployment.

Our services target governments (national or local), hospitals (individual or groups) and private practice (doctors), and seek to enable delivery of quality, accessible and affordable healthcare across the following eight medical faculties: radiology, oncology, laboratory diagnostics, renal, neonatal, maternal, intensive care and primary health.

Healthcare Solutions

Medical Equipment Supply

SST is an official distribution partner for GE Healthcare and Abbott Diagnostics. Our portfolio of medical equipment supply through the GE partnership includes: radiology equipment such as CT scan, MRI, mammography and dental imaging, general and mobile digital Xrays and ultrasound; and life care equipment such as diagnostic cardiology, anesthesia, ventilation, respiratory and patient monitoring, maternal-infant care, intensive care, preoperative and home care products and accessories. Our Abbott diagnostics product offering includes chemistry analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, hematology analyzers, coagulometers and blood gas analyzers and all associated reagents.

Hospital Information Systems

Advances in technology have proven that medical specialists and institutions can improve their operations by utilizing software applications in their day-to-day tasks. To help address this gap in the African market, SST offers cutting-edge Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) solutions that allow hospitals and other medical institutions to deliver more expedient care, run more efficient and cost-effective institutions and optimize their operations.

We offer comprehensive HIS and HCIT solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients in the healthcare sector as an appointed sales and implementation partner for leading HIS software including the GE Healthcare Radiology Information System (RIS).

Project Management Office Services

SST has domain expertise in managing complex healthcare programs from concept development, financial modeling, large tender transactions coordination and bidding, planning and scheduling, budgeting and expense management, development of implementation frameworks, commissioning and supply chain management for medical consumables.

Our World

Toyota Tsusho Invests in Seven Seas Technologies
Toyota Tsusho has announced that Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa Pte. Ltd. ("CSV Africa"), a social contribution-oriented venture development fund...
Toyota Tsusho Invests in Seven Seas Technologies

Toyota Tsusho Invests in Venture to Improve Kenyan Medical Services Through ICT-Third investment by Toyota Tsusho's social venture development fund for Africa

Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho") has announced that Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa Pte. Ltd. ("CSV Africa"), a social contribution-oriented venture development fund for Africa, has concluded and invested a capital investment contract with Kenyan information and communication technology (ICT) company Seven Seas Technologies Limited ("SST"), marking its third investment in Africa.

SST is a leading provider of integrated business and technology solutions. The Company utilizes technology through innovation to deliver products that enhance efficiency in service delivery in the private and public sector, by targeting sectors that have the greatest transformational impact in Kenya and Africa in general focusing on healthcare and social services. In the field of healthcare, SST has been involved in deploying National wide cutting edge medical infrastructure, health care programs and solutions for enhanced management of healthcare institutions and resources including; turnkey healthcare project management, Healthcare Information Technology and deployment of end to end Health Information Systems. SST also has recently partnered with GE Healthcare through the Kenya Ministry of Health's Managed Equipment Services (MES) project for the installation and upgrading of medical infrastructure in ninety eight (98) hospitals distributed in the fourty seven (47) counties in Kenya.

In Kenya, medical costs are rising amid growing demand for high-quality medical services. Additionally, the disparity between urban residents and rural residents in access to medical facilities has become an issue. Other issues include a shortage of medical practitioners. This investment will support the digitalization of medical services and lead to more efficient medical work, while also raising the level of medical services by using cloud computing to share data. IT-based medicine will also make it possible to provide treatment and diagnosis to remote regions.

Over the next five years, CSV Africa will share in SSTs formative vision to enhance the quality, cost and accessibility of health services in contribution to Kenya's development.

Investment Overview

Investment VALUEUS$3 million (approx. ¥300 million)
Investment period
Five years



"We're Excited About The Future"
Macropolis Interview: CEO Mike Macharia discusses the state of Kenya's ICT sector, the metamorphosis of Seven Seas Technologies Group and the...
"We're Excited About The Future"
Macropolis Interview: CEO Mike Macharia discusses the state of Kenya's ICT sector, the metamorphosis of Seven Seas Technologies Group and the vision of transforming lives and changing communities through technology solutions.
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SST Launches Afya Innovation Labs
Through a SME scale-up strategy, SST will support innovative local start-ups and entrepreneurs who are developing or looking to develop pioneering...
SST Launches Afya Innovation Labs

Seven Seas Technologies Group … Transforming Lives, Changing Communities

At Seven Seas Technologies (SST) we are committed to transforming lives and changing communities. With a high entrepreneur focus and having been in business for 16yrs, the award winning company has evolved from an infrastructure company to a full end to end business transformation company in the healthcare, homeland security and social services segments.

In our Healthcare segment we are simply orchestrating cutting-edge medical infrastructure and health information systems, through creative financial models to enable Africa to deliver predictive, preventive, personalized and innovative healthcare solutions.

SST is currently working closely with General Electric (GE) to modernize & upgrade radiology departments of 98 Level IV and Level V hospitals across Kenya with state-of-the-art radiology facilities. SST is also working on transformative oncology and laboratory diagnostic programs that focus on affordable, accessible and quality healthcare delivery.

Additionally, SST will deploy and manage fully self-contained, customizable container clinics, which will be positioned as a triage service and primary healthcare provider throughout Kenya.

Bridging the Gap

As a corporate innovative leader, SST is evolving with Kenya’s changing healthcare needs. We believe that SMEs can harness ICT and innovative healthcare solutions to address healthcare challenges that drive upward social mobility and economic growth for Kenyan citizens. Targeted healthcare sector investments will create opportunities for SMEs, and SST is at the forefront of addressing the missing middle challenge to ensure scalable innovation happens at all levels.

Through a SME scale-up strategy, SST will support innovative local start-ups and entrepreneurs who are developing or looking to develop pioneering healthcare solutions through our new Afya Labs programs, Kabla and Takeoff.

SST Afya Labs

SST Kabla is a talent incubator designed to support budding founders start and scale a business in Kenya’s healthcare ecosystem. Kabla is targeting mid-career healthcare professionals most familiar with the sector’s challenges and with proven success in health services delivery and a knack for leadership. The individual will have an unfunded pre-idea for which Kabla will provide idea validation, a launch team, co-working space and a monthly stipend as the idea is incubated for monetization.

SST Takeoff is geared towards empowering existing startups in the healthcare space who face the challenges of getting good ideas to scale due to limited access to partners, clients, suppliers and financing. SST will provide access to our diverse network, technological support, concept refinement, strategy formulation, co-working space and funding.  

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